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Animeland Wasabi Con 2013

Well, another Animeland Wasabi Con has come to an end…and, of course, it came with its own set of complications and fond memories. Animeland Wasabi is one of Denver’s newer cons, debuting for the first time in 2008. The convention is notorious for choosing terrible venues, and running off a terribly organized schedule, but will always hold a special place in my heart. I love Animeland Wasabi, and was really glad I was able to return to the convention this year! I do hope that Animeland NEVER hosts a convention at the Denver Double Tree again, for the hotel staff treated con-goers extremely poorly. Regardless of the cruel treatment, I still had lots of fun! Wonderful cosplay, and great people; Animeland Wasabi Con 2013 was surely a great time!

537712_426892997400366_1477471683_n I am the Master of Death! Muhahahahaa!!

As for cosplay, I decided to debut what I had finished for my Dead Master from the Black Rock Shooter OVA! A few friends have dubbed this cosplay “Urban Dead Master” because of the pieces I had to use as a makeshift dress! I thought the outfit turned out great, for not having been completed! I have since finished up the actual dress, and therefore the completed cosplay will be ready for Sakura Con 2013 in Seattle, WA. Unfortunatly, both the OVA and anime adaption of the Black Rock Shooter series is not currently being streamed by any of the major sites (CrunchyRoll, Hulu+, or NetFlix), but hopefully will be soon enough!

733968_426892904067042_1240381401_n Take a look at more Dead Master pics in my Gallery! Look forward to the completed set after Sakura Con 2013!

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